Bothersome Creativity

Creativity in our advertising agencies is the most bothersome topic. First of all, there is no evident atmosphere for creativity in our advertising agencies. is rampant. Creative sides of the advertising agencies are not the strategic fit for the job. No motives, no plan, no research and no will to create impressive originality. Creative directors are there because they are there. Remarkable talk of these gatekeepers is utterly directionless because most of the time these “look good” people are worried about clients’ moods and connections than to craft creativity. Creative people lack creative juices. Pokerfaced if you ask them about poetry, painting, art exposure, travel, book, song, movie, stage, radio and any other imaginative virtuosity. What we lack in Pakistani advertising agencies are talent, technology and tolerance. No fitting talent is charmed, no understanding of agency related methodically technology like creative tools, ideas tools or brand tools and lastly no tolerance to acceptance.


  • Muhammad Hamza Rafiq

    Being exposed to various marketing campaigns in Pakistan, it is really frustrating to see the lack of creativity and the same recycled concepts. It is more about getting exposure instead of being original.

  • M. Usman Jamil

    behind the scene there is another issue i want to highlight. i have worked for a company as marketing manager, not ethical to mention its name. we had hired an advertising agency that used to take pictures of our products and make advertising content accordingly. the issue was that every time we used to tell them what to design. in few cases when agency designed on its own, we did not accepted it and provided the direction to what to do. issue i want to highlight is that we Pakistanis never get satisfied for whatever quality work we are provided with. what ever we get we need something better. the only thing satisfies us is the work we get on our own requirements even though other guy has some better idea.

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