Advertising Complexities of Marketing Companies



Marketing Companies in Pakistan is sure to familiar to art of advertising, but understanding science of the field is somewhat not very clear to them. Most of them are sure of advertising as the only tool to build their brand, but not aware of the fact that advertising is one portion in marketing, not the complete marketing.

Advertising is true to be the most visible tool of marketing and on the contrary the greater cost in the marketing process. Advertising is just one more thing on the marketing plate, it is not the whole plate!

What might present challenges to some companies is to understand the ideas surrounding advertising process involved: set advertising objectives, establish a budget, choose the advertising message and creative strategy, decide on the media, and evaluate the effects?

To a large extend companies advertising complexities is the direct results of advertising agencies lack of scientific approach to support and facilitate companies’ most valuable assets, their brands.

It is a widely believed concept that advertising is a magical tonic to build great brands is somewhat is fading fast as modern art of branding is making companies to realize that brands cannot be built by totally relying on advertising.

The connection between the brand and advertising is no more just a creative message to inform, to pursue and to entertain. Advertising complement brands and showoff for brands. Completely relying on advertising to build brand is not strategically-fit stir. Nowadays brands are more than promotion. Catchy creative messages through ATL and BTL activities to a mass audience is not utterly effective in isolation in today’s brand building, but they can be more advantageous if utilise with new and practised brand building paradigms.

What lack in Pakistani advertising agencies are talent, technology and tolerance. No fitting talent is charmed, no understanding of agency related methodically technology like creative tools, ideas tools or brand tools and lastly no tolerance to acceptance.

As I have mentioned in my book, Branding Matters! 2016, Chapter 5, – Brand Building before Advertising – “Today, brand building is not only about advertising and selling to beat the competition, but brand building strategy necessitates a necessary knowledge of the internal culture of the companies, financial systems, business operations, Human Resources policies and Consumer Relationship Management, which the ablest advertising agency cannot even capable of dealing such requirements. Above all, the most resourceful advertising agency in the modern scenario often even has difficulty or is ignorant to comprehend how their clients make money.”

In my country the greater source of companies’’ inspiration that advertising build brand comes from their observation when they see big brands, spending money on their integration marketing communications (IMC). They are not aware of the fact or have experience that advertisers can maintain the brand through their professional art, but cannot build a brand on it exclusively.


  • M. Usman Jamil

    advertising companies here in Pakistan instead of studying market first then coming towards the main idea, they work inside-out by first setting up the main idea and then moving out towards market. this approach is just kind of force fitting where you impose a certain idea on market instead of finding out what market needs.

  • Fatimah

    In Pakistan the concept of marketing is so different and unclear,most of the people want to work in there own way.They think that they are doing in the right way and know everything as they are pro in it rather than telling your own philosophies its better to hire some professionals which can give you smart ideas and ways to bring effectiveness and efficiency in your company.But again our socity just focuses on money and getting them with short cuts.Like before making any ad they will come directly to the end point instead of first making the strategies and think on it that how to implement to achieve the main point.

  • Faizan Mahmood

    In Pakistan the idea of advertising is so unique and unclear, most of the general population need to work in there possess way. They surmise that they are doing in the correct way and know everything as they are master in it as opposed to advising your own theories its better to contract a few experts which can give you savvy thoughts and approaches to acquire viability and effectiveness your company but again our society just concentrates on cash and getting them with short cuts like before making any promotion they will come straightforwardly to the end point rather than first making the systems and think on it that how to actualize to accomplish the fundamental point.


    Yes indeed! advertising is a part of marketing where most people get confused that advertising is marketing. However advertising is probably the most important tool of marketing. Pakistani advertising agencies lack creativity, they do not think out of the box. Anyways we have enough resources if utilized properly, we can also create innovative ideas!

  • Rehan Mir

    The reason why most advertising firm fail to understand this, is because they are more tend to copy a good marketing strategy of an international agency disregarding the needs of their own client/product.

  • Namra Nadeem

    Companies are unaware of holistic marketing approach and use force fitting instead of creativity when it comes to creating value of a product towards the brand equity. They focus on a small chunk of Advertising Media and forgets the other essential components like Customer Success Management.
    Recently I came across Leisure Club clothing brand’s TVC which is clearly a copy of TVC by “TV2” a television channel in Denmark, which clearly made no sense with the brand image.

  • Qudsia Awais

    Advertising is required so that companies are able to communicate with their current and prospective customers and deliver to them their values in a meaningful way but in Pakistan, companies fail to understand the reason behind advertising and are a part of the ongoing war on television. Advertisements are only made in order to target some other product of XYZ company.
    The companies should understand the real purpose of advertising and use creative marketing to make advertisements so as to maintain the brand image in the minds of the consumers.

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