September 4, 2018

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  • Brands are the most treasured possessions for companies

    In this branding-brand-world the most treasured possession of any company of the world is the names associated with their brands. Creating awareness about their brands’ features and justifying their brand promises are the most critical tasks for any company. But the task is complex in nature as the competitions among the brands are that and the companies need competent brand teams to simplify decision-making, reduce risk, and set unique expectations to complete the task. For any brand team, brand management imperative is the ultimate energy-source to build strong brands that can create desired brand awareness by fulfilling brand promise over time.
    But unfortunately in Pakistan a vast majority of organisations are not well aware of a deeper understanding of how to achieve those branding goals, even the basic objectives to search the core issues in evaluating, implementing and planning their brand strategies. Moreover, almost all companies are black about their brands’ core concepts or ever tried to fix their shortcoming by applying branding research, using brand tools, theories and other tested models for their own benefits.
    Brand companies in Pakistan need to place specific importance on understanding psychological principles at the individual or organisational level in order to make better decisions about their brands. This principle is not only relevant to big and strong companies or brands, but the objective is to be relevant for any type of organisation regardless of its size, nature of business, or profit orientation.
    Pakistani companies to gain success in brand world must consider the functions of a brand from the perspective of both consumers and firms and should explore brands importance to both.

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