Brands are the most treasured possessions for companies

In this branding-brand-world the most treasured possession of any company of the world is the names associated with their brands. Creating awareness about their brands’ features and justifying their brand promises are the most critical tasks for any company. But the task is complex in nature as the competitions among the brands are that and the companies need competent brand teams to simplify decision-making, reduce risk, and set unique expectations to complete the task. For any brand team, brand management imperative is the ultimate energy-source to build strong brands that can create desired brand awareness by fulfilling brand promise over time.
But unfortunately in Pakistan a vast majority of organisations are not well aware of a deeper understanding of how to achieve those branding goals, even the basic objectives to search the core issues in evaluating, implementing and planning their brand strategies. Moreover, almost all companies are black about their brands’ core concepts or ever tried to fix their shortcoming by applying branding research, using brand tools, theories and other tested models for their own benefits.
Brand companies in Pakistan need to place specific importance on understanding psychological principles at the individual or organisational level in order to make better decisions about their brands. This principle is not only relevant to big and strong companies or brands, but the objective is to be relevant for any type of organisation regardless of its size, nature of business, or profit orientation.
Pakistani companies to gain success in brand world must consider the functions of a brand from the perspective of both consumers and firms and should explore brands importance to both.


  • AbdulRehman

    True, companies need to understand its impotance irrespective of their size and nature of business so this principle can flourish and change the concept.

  • Rana Ijaz

    I agree that companies should fix their shortcomings by applying branding research, brand tools and tested models but it would be challenging for smaller companies due to limited funds.

  • Faizan Mahmood

    A brand represents the sum of people’s perception of a company’s customer service, reputation, advertising, and logo. Pakistani businesses need to understand the need of branding.

  • Shahzeb Bhatti

    Brand depicts the company and research in this area to enhance your brand image is the major essence of brand life/value.
    Size of a company does not matter and we should keep in mind that companies grow when a brand grows.
    So its value should be equally translated to internal and external customers.

  • Fizza Naqvi

    A brand helps to connect with your customers emotionally. A good brand connects with people at an emotional level, they feel good when they buy the brand. Purchasing is an emotional experience and having a strong brand helps people feel good at an emotional level when they engage with the company.

  • Zain

    Branding is not just simple marketing , organizations need to research psychological and psychographical reasearches to understand their target market and then should position their brand in minds of consumers through branding which is in interest of consuners so that they remember it for long time.

  • Wajeeh

    With respect to brand development and brand management nothing so far has been done in Pakistan since the owners do not pay any heed and like spending on brand development which is a grave mistake on their part.

  • Sana

    Branding tools are extremely pertinent to any business. Branding tools should be used to change the consumer perception but unfortunately in our country the owners are concerned about the profitability and not the brand itself. Branding should open new avenues and awareness in our country would shift the focus to the right direction.

  • Usman Khalid

    In Pakistan, It will take more time for the business owner to under the importance of the branding. It is the essential requirement for any business

  • Alina

    In Pakistan, i believe that owners are more concerned about their product being sold in the market rather than focusing on their branding.Even in the past many Pakistani brands have ti shut down their operations because they couldn’t stand their competitors who made a place in the market through heavy branding.

  • afrah waseem

    buying from brands give consumers satisfaction of spending in the right direction. this band wagon has resulted in eruption of gargantaun brands. However the ultimate thing is the quality and perceptìon of that brand for consumers. Bringing in just a new name is not enough its necessary to retain the customer by bringing in the quality too

  • Sajjad Hussain

    Branding is an essential function of marketing. In Pakistan, most companies are unaware of the fact that without branding they can not succeed. Branding not only differentiates you from others but it also creates an attachment to your company among the consumers.

  • Aroussa Manzoor

    i second the fact that many brands give taglines and promises they are not able to fulfill, due to which at first perception of customers is built, but in consequences of that the pre and post purchase decision of the customers change resulting in lack of loyalty and permanent buying.

  • Muntaha Muhammad

    Couldn’t agree more and believe that there’s a lot more that brands can do to outnumber competition.

  • Rana Haider Ali

    In Pakistan many brands claim to have a purpose, but they fall short when it comes to actually delivering on it….

  • Fatima Saleem

    Understanding customers and then creating awareness of brand and positioning them in the mind of the consumers are the most difficult tasks which the companies need to understand and focus on it

  • Umair Majid

    In Pakistan, saith culture prevails and its caging the companies to have sales oriented approach like a tick in the box rather than brand oriented approach. Since we are suppliers of big brands of the world but fail to build our own brands just because of this sales oriented mentality and saith doesn’t want to empower its Marketing team to build its brand since he only percieves himself the most experienced and competent person in his organization.

  • Mohammad Ali

    The issue in Pakistan is that the company owners are not willing to extend resources to create a Brand and even if they manage to do so, they fail to take it to another level by connecting to their target market. No matter what the industry is, a strong Brand Positioning will always give you a cutting edge.

  • Hamza Ahmed

    In Pakistan many brands claim that they have a purpose, but they fail to perform when it comes to actually delivering on their promises

  • Bilal Butt

    Brands sometimes play with the emotions of their customers and fail to deliver on their promises. This must change and its high time that brands start realizing this important aspect of customer service.

  • Usman Jamil

    Pakistan still requires a lot of time and resources to build brands. One of the reasons is lack of creativity. Very few think out of the box.

  • Ramsha Sajjad

    A strong brand is one that has positioned itself successfully in the minds of its consumers. To reach this stage of brand image reflected through subjective consumer perceptions, a brand must ensure that it takes up the necessary steps that are deemed to be imperative in establishing a good name in the market, and this can only be done if the research process of consumer study in relation to the brand at large is well sought over.

  • Nabiha Elahi

    Agreed, In Pakistan are not using the marketing tools and strategies in a creative way. They are focusing on one factor and try to push it to the end. Branding compliments our comapny’s image in the market. As mentioned above, “Brand companies in Pakistan need to place specific importance on understanding psychological principles at the individual or organisational level in order to make better decisions about their brands”. Psychological factor needs to be trigged and it can only be done through smart branding.

  • Muhammad Farhan

    There is no doubt that the brands which are not able to fulfill their promises are unable to maintain their identity in this competitive world. Branding involves the awareness of the brand and the research which can create a point of differentiation.

  • Namra Nadeem

    I agree. Building a brand out of a product is the most critical stage. Companies in Pakistan solely rely on sales volume rather than focusing on the benefits they may yield in the longer run with their “brands”. Over the time when the brand establishes, it is more consistent in nature and shall act as a tool to stand out between the competition. For building a brand, companies need to understand the alignment of their product with their consumers and how they are impacting lives rather than gaining profits only.

  • Hassan Arif

    For any organization to stand the test of times and last a good period, it has to invest in its brands. You can earn and make profits without investing in your brands but for a limited time after some time some other company would and take over your product line.

  • Ayesha Nadeem Malik

    Most of the consumers don’t trust the companies marketing strategy. These companies need to win the customer’s trust by making them feel their opinion matter.

  • Fahad Ejaz

    It’s like the Seth never had been able to grasp the concept of Brand. For instance Sialkot is known worldwide for quality of its sports and surgical goods. Despite having decades of experience they have been unable to create a single brand. What they sell for $5 is being resold to customers abroad for $100 just because there a brand name get tagged with the product. Seth culture is simply overlooking the long term benefit over the short term expenses on making a proper marketing team and doing marketing activities.

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