• You just need a single word to build Brand Positioning!

    In today’s world, the environment for brands and their success is required upgrading brand architecture to a new level. The brand meaning to consumers and companies has been transforming into new dimensions. Whereas jumble of theories is in practices to create a web of confusion, but this is time to work smart by understanding approaches that are meaningful and easy to convert. Since ages, marketers are obsessed with the concept of brand positioning, but most of the time they have been overlooked the easiest way to sneak into their consumer mind. What they need to enter into consumers’ mind is a single word. Yes, a single word that empowers them to create a whole brand aura.      

    Just put the theory in motion; utter a single characteristic word to give someone a hint to recognize the brand. Here’s the word.

    ·     Safety

    Many respondents will have thought of the brand names those they think that are providing using word safety as category word. Like, Safeguard because safe is part of the word Safeguard. In Pakistan, the word safety is also being commonly used for disposable twin-blade razors. Some participants may have thought of Dettol and its related products to provide hygienic safety. But few participants would have thought of Volvo, even they have been little known in countries like ours. Volvo simply owned the term safety in people’s minds all over the globe. How do we think about that? Well, Volvo itself is the identity of the brand. It’s the brand name. It’s a registered trademark. Attached to that registered trademark are a set of associations. Some good, some not so good. If we think of the brand image, it is what do these associations mean to companies or more importantly, to their target customers? If you further said, Volvo and ask those people, who know the Volvo brand, to tell you what they think, some of them would’ve probably said, a bit boring even though they design some of the most exciting cars today. That image has stuck with them over the decades.

    Volvo’s challenge to build the brand is to protect safety for those consumers who care about safety, as their key purchasing criterion. It’s an image they’ve built over time with various advertisements, various images. And of course, they’ve invested in safety over the last 70 to 80 years. They’ve been consistently at the forefront of either inventing safety features or like the ABS brakes, which they did not invent, they made part of the standard car earlier than others did and it was still an optional feature for other cars. So, if you think of a brand, it is the identity, which is Volvo, its logo. The visual identity in many ways and its image this set of associations attached to the brand. And marketers think of their job is to enhance the brand image by negating negative associations and elevating positive ones. And of course, to protect the visual identity of their brand as well.

  • Creative Confusion in Pakistan

    Time to be creative. Time to be misunderstood.

    Life is a continuous exercise in creative problem solving. But it seems that in our beloved country creative problem solving is heading to a direction where we totally misunderstood the concept of creativity and its solutions. We, Pakistanis, are not stretching ourselves beyond our perceived level of confidence so we have failed to accelerate our development of creative competence.

    It is a dilemma in Pakistan that to be creative is to be misunderstood because there is common belief that creative people struggle more with being misunderstood than normal people.

    Why is this?

    • Because creative people think “outside of the box.” And the truth is that in our country above average people are often unaware that such a “box” even exists.
    • Because creative people ask dangerous questions. And being precarious is itself a risky where the majority are confused about creativity and have a very little idea that creative people test boundaries – not to be rebellious, but rather to simply explore.

    Creativity tends to teach people to dare and willing to fail – a quality that makes many people uncomfortable in our country.

    Creativity makes people unique – they are individuals – and this fact threatens the status quo more than any other. Pakistan is in grip of status quos unending struggle so no place of creativity in our social lifestyle or even in our self-concept.

    On the hand, creative confusion has also been proposed deliberately because creative people are so different and can be perceived as a threat to institutions. And this is unfortunate because many organisations are in dire need of more creativity. They’re just scared of the people who might bring it.

    Because the country is full of bureaucracy and systematic ways of approaching life, creatives often find themselves frustrated with attempts to fit in or be assimilated.

    And so, for the majority in our country, creatives are tragically misunderstood. At best, they are seen as a means to an end — a cog in the machine of producing propaganda for a cause. At worst, they are perceived as a threat that needs to be eliminated.

    There isn’t a pretty way out of this predicament. To be creative is to be misunderstood. That’s all there is to it.

    What alternative is there in a world of conformists and wannabes?

    And after all, who wants to fit in?

    Time to be creative. Time to be misunderstood.

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