Arshad Awan

Brand Strategist, Author, Educationist & Corporate Trainer

I am a brand strategist and marketing management expert with more than 26 years of local and international experience. I am working as a brand strategist and marketing management consultant and trainer for local and international corporations operating in several regions and countries. As head of the Brand Ideas and the International Executive Educate Guild I have been organising and facilitating high-level consulting-style executive workshops for many years, most prominently the monthly held workshop “Brand Development to Brand Management to Create Brand Loyalty”.

I have been supporting my corporate clients with customized development solutions to bring about performance-enhancing changes in the way companies with their brands and teams are working. My corporate development workshops are designed to stand out for the innovative design, passionate way of delivery and the learning methodology stressing experience, reflection, interaction and results.

I have worked and successfully organised workshops for Warid, Shell, McDonald’s, AIG Insurance, P&G, OXFAM, eBay, English Biscuits, Artistic Milliners, Haier, Ciba Geigi, Akzo Nobel, PIA, Sony, Inter-Continental Hotels, Roche, SKY Television, Thai Airways, Tune Hotels, Air-Asia, Novis, Novo Nordisk, Schlumberger, Puma, Ericsson and many more.

I am also author of the famous book ‘Branding Matters!’ and regular contributor and blogger to the popular branding/marketing periodicals of the world.

I am a visiting faculty to the top business schools of the country, where I am teaching subjects related to branding and marketing.

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