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“Brand Ideas Consultancy creates strong brands that consumers love to associate with. I offer research-based brand/marketing strategies and brand management on all platforms through well-tested modules and award-winning brand tools. I strongly believe that brand building is a commitment, not a campaign.”

Arshad Awan, Chief Consultant.


Strong Brand Approach

Brand Strategy: There is a dedicated brand strategy with a clear focus, KPIs for target achievement, and a detailed action plan for implementation. The brand strategy is aligned with the overall strategic direction of the company.

Brand Method: I use the right, brand-centric methods to turn problems into challenges and solve them with tested modules and brand tools to independently and continuously make brands strong that connect and resonate with the target.

Brand Process: There is a systematic, integrated and repeatable process from brand to consumers. I work cross-functionally with brand teams instead of in silos and pursue the same goals, achieving the company’s target.

Brand Culture: There is the right culture and mindset for brand management. There is an understanding of “lean” approaches (experiments before experience. “Data trumps opinion.”), and opportunity maximization is balanced with risk minimization. I reveal your greatness and build your business through a perfect storm of intelligent brand strategies that resonate with a brand and connect with customers.

My Consultancy

Brand Strategy: Creating brands that consumers love to associate with. I am a brand builder that offers research-backed strategy and brand development on all platforms through well-tested modules and award-winning brand tools. My approach is iterative and client-centered; branding is done methodically, step by step, and in constant consultation.

Brand Communications: Advertising, brand management, design, print, digital, direct marketing, media planning and buying, PR, sales promotion, and strategic consultancies.

Consumer Values & Insight: Helping marketing companies understand what their customers truly value helps them differentiate their offering and helps them grow, gain share, and the price at a premium. Assisting companies and brands in deepening their relationships with their most loyal, profitable customers by applying superior segmentation capabilities based on advanced analytics.

Marketing Research: Helping marketing companies systematically gather, record, and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data about issues relating to marketing products and services to identify and assess how changing elements of the marketing mix impacts customer behavior

Passionate Brand Work

My Books

New Brand Thinking is about putting all of your energy and focusing on creating the most compelling, magnetic, and valuable brand strategies that help to achieve brand infinity. How do brands do this? It is a big subject, but this book, as a continuation with my previous book ‘Branding Matters!’ hopefully helps companies, clients, institutions, and brand builders to resonate and connect brands to achieve brand success.

The book is my obligation to my profession and my brand-building passion. It always discomforts me when I observe misconceptions regarding brand building. Each chapter individually discusses and extends guidance on professional dealing and the numerous challenges encountered in brand-building. In Pakistan, several concepts in brand building are not explained adequately. This book aims to address those issues to help my readers better understand brand building.

Brand Ideas Blog & Brand Story

About Me

I am a brand strategist and marketing management expert with more than 26 years of local and international experience. I have worked as a brand strategist and marketing management consultant, and trainer for local and multinational corporations operating in several regions and countries. In addition, as head of the Brand Ideas and the International Executive Educate Guild, I have been organising and facilitating high-level brand and marketing consulting for many years.

I support my corporate clients with customised development solutions to bring about performance-enhancing changes in the way companies with their brands and teams are working. Solutions offered a brand strategy for brand development and management, and a marketing management plan covered every aspect of branding and marketing excellence.
I have worked and successfully organised workshops for Warid, Shell, McDonald’s, AIG Insurance, P&G, OXFAM, eBay, English Biscuits, Artistic Milliners, Haier, Ciba Geigi, Akzo Nobel, PIA, Sony, Inter-Continental Hotels, Roche, SKY Television, Thai Airways, Tune Hotels, Air-Asia, Novis, Novo Nordisk, Schlumberger, Puma, Ericsson and many more.I am also an author of the famous books “Branding Matters!” and “New Brand Thinking.” In addition, I am also a regular contributor and blogger to the popular branding/marketing periodicals of the world.
Besides, I am a visiting faculty to the top business schools of the country and abroad, where I teach subjects related to branding, consumer behaviour sciences, and other marketing subjects.