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Advertising is not enough!

changeSince the creation of modern Branding Art advertising is being considered as a magical tonic to unleash the brand power, but time has come for companies to realise that advertising may be the most visible tool of the marketing but building strong brands are no sheerer job of advertising.

The connection between the brand and advertising is no more just a creative message to inform, to pursue and to entertain. Catchy creative messages through ATL and BTL activities to a mass audience is not utterly effective in isolation in today’s brand building, but they can be more advantageous if utilise with new and practised brand building paradigms.

The new technologies are continuously introducing speed, accuracy and economical approaches in all aspects of our lives by penetratingly shrinking the world around us. A single definition of any success seems far dissociated.  Creative approach to join this to that is the new spelling of the success.  This new definition has also infatuated the art of brand building to a new level that how to precisely define the bold target in a complex mass-market of the world.

The new paradigm of brand building is now required constant creative changes in their messages relay to their micro-target. In this very fast world, monotonous is a killer and constant one message, visuals or activities are not acceptable neuro-norms.

Consumers don’t buy products or services they buy benefits to overcome their weaknesses. In their purchasing behaviour, it is now one big requirement that product seller must treat them like kings and queens no matter they are retailers or companies. Consumers are now looking for emotion-extra treatment. Stone-faced sellers’ era has long gone. Consumers want a guarantee, warranty, friendly gestures and their complaints’’ immediate feedback. Brands cannot afford mistreatment of their consumers. Consumer Relationships is one of the most crucial architype that every brand must improve to stay in the competition.

Buying behaviour is very practical nowadays as random purchasing is the thing of the past. Buyers like to fit in in their purchasing decision. They like to experiences the brands before their final purchasing decisions. They like to try first and buy second. Virtual augment reality is a gripping idea to push and hugger-mugger buyers’ purchasing intentions. Brands are spending big to create better associations with their buyers.

Gamification is the latest trend among the companies to enhance consumers’ engagement through gaming. It is data enhancement motivation to act and play for certain rewards. Gamification is the mix of psychology, behaviour economics and design fundamentals to fascinate and to addict buyers of the brands.



  • Uzair Ejaz

    Well said. It seems that new idea is all about making customers happy and engaged or in other words not leave them stranded.

  • Asad

    Interesting theory and true to the fact.

  • Muhammad Hamza Rafiq

    In this new age, companies cannot rely on the old school monotonous approach of scattered marketing. New companies afford companies to be creative by truly understanding their customers and adopting a more customized approach if they want to stand out in all the noise.

  • Sarmad Amin

    Informative articles.
    Advertising no longer forces consumer to buy products neither can it fully control our markets anymore. The relationship of advertisement with sales has become very complex. This is due to the ever increasing penetration of cyber technology in our lives. Impact of social media networking in our daily lives has changed consumer behavior. Customers are well informed. We now have access to information which has on one hand made us more independent in our decissons while product selection and on other hand we also have the knowledge about other’s experience of a cretain product.
    Advertisement only inform the consumers while it’s the product customers pay for based on the benefits they get. It’s all about the value of money. Corporation in this tough competitive environment invest both in product development and advertisement because they know it’s not an easy challenge any more.

  • Ahmed Samiullah Babar

    very well put together.. it’s not only advertising but the human behavior has also changed with the advent of cyber space. people are more skeptical now than ever

  • Aroussa Manzoor

    Very well said,in today’s competitive marketplace the role of marketing is not only to make customer realize the need to the product but also there has to be emotionla as well as loyalty constraint attached. In order to market product differently the marketer has to be a part of customers emotions as well as problems and should know how to handle them on time.

  • Razin Khawaja

    Being related to Sales, I couldn’t agree more to this phrase “seller must treat them(buyers) like kings and queens no matter they are retailers or companies”. this perfectly describes how our markets are changing and getting more demanding with every passing day.

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