Unique Brand Elements Lead to Success

brand-identityBrand Elements are keys to brand identity and differentiation.  Positively unique would create an inimitable brand differentiation, which is in turn influence a company’s ability to build awareness and image for a brand and, consequently, have a direct impact on the degree of positive brand equity that can be established.

All brand elements like names, logos, symbols, characters, slogans, URLs, jingles, packages, colour and sound effects are crucial to craft brand capabilities in the competitive market. Brand elements uniqueness is a great edge in the initial building of brands, which is also a great source to make the brand stand out from the beginning of the brands’ launch.


Kevin Lane Keller, author and marketing professor, in his famous textbook “Strategic Brand Management – Building, Measuring and Managing Brand Equity” has explained six general criteria, which should govern a firm’s choice of brand elements. First, an element should be memorable, or easy to recognise and recall. Second, an element should be meaningful, or descriptive, persuasive, inherently fun and interesting, and rich in visual and verbal imagery. Third, an element should be likeable to consumers, in an aesthetic sense and in an emotional sense. Fourth, an element should be transferable within and across product categories, and across geographical and cultural boundaries. Fifth, an element should be adaptable, or flexible, and capable of being updated over time. Sixth, an element should be protectable, both legally and competitively.

Although all brand elements are crucial but the most important is the naming the brand as it is the central theme around which the brand is evolved.

Alex Frankel in his famous book “Wordcraft: The Art of Turning Little Words into Big Business” explained expert opinion that brand names can be an extremely effective shorthand means of communication.

The importance can be judged by the fact that TVC may last 30 seconds or print ad can last the whole day but any consumer of the brand can note within the first five seconds of their first encounter with any brand is the name of the brand and meaning associated with.

The brand name is tied to the product in the consumers’ minds and once coined the name it is near to impossible for the marketers to change this brand element.

Naming the brand is art or rather fine art. It has required scientific guideline and procedure to follow. Naming guidelines demands simplicity and ease of pronunciation and spelling, familiarity and meaningfulness and differentiated, distinctive, and unique. The naming procedure is to define objectives, generate names, screen initial candidates, study candidate names, research the final candidates and to finish select the final name.

In the brand building the brand identity is not depending on some particular brand element but in fact, the brand identity is a mix of all brand elements. Similarly, cohesiveness of the brand identity is based on the consistency of the brand elements. It is a delicate mix and match of each brand elements to gain maximise brand equity as relying on one particular brand element is not a good strategy to build brand identity.






  • Uzair Ejaz

    We see 2-3 or more elements missing in many local brands. We are mostly weak in properly ‘Naming’ and creating effective ‘URLs’ of brands.

  • Sana

    Yes, these elements are important, but they only touch the surface of what a brand entails. It is important for local brands to have a solid strategy in place to follow.

  • Nida Qayyum

    Brand Elements are like a personality’s traits. Just like a person’s smile, gestures, voice tone, word selection, clothing etc helps each other in making a first time impression, a brand’s elements combine together in making a overall brand’s identity and position in eyes of target market and prospective customers.

  • Sahifa

    Establishing a brand identity requires something distinctive. This differentiation starts from developing each brand element uniquely to avoid the ‘me too’
    approach. Elements of brand need to be visible and memorable to consumers so that they could recognize their desired brand within a crowd. Distinctive
    approach of each brand element works to portrait an image of the brand in consumer’s memory and later on, acts as clue to recall and recognize the brand. Cumulative strength of brand elements always contribute to build brand equity.

  • Muhammad Saad

    We are lacking in creating creative names and URLs of brands. There must be proper research in order to develop the logo, name and design of the brands.

  • Afia Asghar

    The word ‘Brand’ has become an integral part of our daily life. We start a day with
    branded toothpaste and end it with several branded durable and non-durable goods and services. Whatever the product or service,when it becomes a brand, it promises a particular level of quality, trust-worthiness and distinctive positioning among a dizzying array of choices. brands should choose between two D’s, differentiate or Die

  • Sarmad Amin

    Interesting article, brand elements are the points of distinction and they define characteristics of a brand. Global brands have a concrete strategy how they define themselves through brand element and portray a strong image in the minds of customers. However brand strategist for local brands need to rationalize their thinking behind their brand elements.
    Creativity only works when well-crafted through rationale and long term strategic approach.

  • Hamza Iqbal

    The perception of a communication device into an Apple iPhone 7 who is not just “black” but in fact,”Jet Black” leads to long ques of buyers outside apple stores on the first day of its launch. How? Does the marketers at apple believe that consumers have not ever heard or owned a black colored phone before? Why do they emphasize on the “blackness” in their advertisement as an effective means to attract and sell the new iPhone 7? No wonder brand possess an identity, an aesthetic and visual appealing, an interesting edge, persuasiveness etc. which forms the elements of its success.

  • Omer Iqbal

    Differentiate or die!

  • Rohma Shah

    A brand is a promise that helps to create consumer’s perception through its unique personality.
    Therefore a brand consits of many elements combined together that make up its identity. Even if one element doesn’t fit in or is missing, the entire brand image gets affected.

  • Khuram Manzoor Anwar

    Yes it is true. The success of brand building is actually creating brand elements for a new Company to start. The key is consistency. The brand elements must consistently represent the brand promise, consumer perception and expectation of brand because inconsistency is a killer. I would prefer to say that brand elements are nothing without brand promise, perception and expectations. If tangible brand elements perfectly reflect these attributes and achieve these things then brand is really ready for the success.


    While choosing brand elements one require a certain rational. It is a scientific process rather than art.It is objective process by which we synergize mixing and matching process of all brand elements with its product attributes. Even the brand name/brand color is copyright and one has to take a permission to use any of brand element already successful in one brand. Choosing brand elements is somehow a rocket science its not an easy process but unfortunately in Pakistan its more like a force feeding and more linked with cultural and psychological elements. The key feature for brand elements to position in consumer minds is maily to recognize and recall time after another.If the brand elements are choosed logically and through research It can greatly impact on return on sales and hence revenue.Every aspect of brand elements should be meaningful.Brand is slow process and the results might take time but one should keep track on success of brand elements once they are choosed.Some elements like jingles are somehow age limited but other are more versitile and infuential to consumers mind.Logos like Cocacola and Apple have been attracting customers of nearly all age group.

  • Ahmed Samiullah

    What about family Brand Names like TATA HILTON RALPH LAUREN HSY?? why these brand names are successful?? do names associated with a person follow the same guidelines as described in this blog?

  • Ayesha

    To establish a brand you need to make it different from the rest, it should be something that can be easily recognizable or consumer can relate it. Brand elements represent it promise to its customer. Brands need to be different in order to survive.

  • Abdullah Ghayyoor

    Yes I agree, brand elements play a vital role to reach consumer’s head and heart. They create a distinctive identity to consumers within a crowd of choices.Differentiating approach of multiple brand elements always induce high level of brand awareness and recall among target consumers. Fine integration of both strong and weak brand elements of a brand ultimately contribute to brand equity.

  • Umair Ubaid

    True that, making a new entity in a market or an industry doesn’t demand a groundbreaking idea. It essentially needs just one unique thing that isolates it from its competition and makes it a red hot brand in the eye of consumer.

  • Muhammad Ali Sheikh

    The brand elements that have been discussed here are very much essential to make or break the image and the brand itself. Why? Because just a single element does not necessarily build the brand, a perfect mix of different elements does. When we see that Swoosh (tick mark) or hear “Just Do It” Nike instantly pops up in our brains. The name Nike might not be appealing for many but that tick on the shoe or the shirt, and the the slogan, can be the cause of centre of attraction.

  • Mohsin

    Worth reading indeed. Although one can not deny individual importance of each elements, the real success is in synergy of all the elements.
    If a brand achieves a harmony in all brand elements, every element will lead to one basic idea and it will increase brand recall to the maximum.


    If our local brands adopt these elements, there nothing that can stop them to compete with mega brands in international markets. What makes differentiation Unique in positive way or negatively unique is important.

  • hasan

    The article beautifully sums up the brand building process and explains why brand identity is dependent on particular brand element but it is a mix of all such elements.

  • Adeel Irfan

    Brand elements make your brand to stand out of the crowd. It gives an identity to your brand. These elements are what define brand style and what set the tone of a brand. Brand elements are necessary in completing the look and feel of a brand. I must say these elements collectively build foundation of a brand.

  • Rabiya Asif

    Although the above-mentioned elements are critical for making the brand a success, the most important factor is its power to adapt to changing markets. The brand should have the ability to change according to where it is, where it wants to be and what the market is doing. The brands that have been successful for generations have been able to do so because they have been able to constantly shape themselves according to changing market needs.

  • Muhammad Adnan Khan

    Yes exactly. And brand elements not only differentiate the product with others but they also are actually the first elements to whom the customer interact with. All of these elements works together to create synergy effect which further works as catalyst in brand launch. And if these elements are set and designed properly they help the product/service to gain good KPI’s in their entire marketing efforts.

  • Muneeba Sattar

    This article has been highly informative and insightful. It has definitively expanded my core understanding of brands. And I feel that advertising firms in Pakistan needs to understand the elements mentioned in this article to create more effective ad campaigns. There is a great learning curve that needs to be bridged in order to fully understand these elements.

  • Ahmed Mateen

    “Core Elements of Brand Identity” depicted in the figure accurately capture the essence of branding in one visual representation. Unfortunately in our region branding isn’t taken seriously rather it is taken for granted without putting any actual thoughts into what is making it work or the other way around. Instead the mantra of ad-men in this region is to simply jump the band wagon and hope it clicks even if it is out of synchronization with the essence of the product. Blog’s author has made an excellent point in summarizing the whole concept so succinctly. Kudos !!!

    “….. brand identity is a mix of all brand elements. Similarly, cohesiveness of the brand identity is based on the consistency of the brand elements. It is a delicate mix and match of each brand elements to gain maximise brand equity as relying on one particular brand element is not a good strategy to build brand identity.”

    If only more people could grasp this delicate fact. Cheerios 🙂

  • Azeem Bari

    Indeed Brand elements are the steps to be pondered by any Brand Manager who wants to make its brand better positioned in the minds of consumer, But it also requires great research to design those all elements in such way that can differentiate the brand and make it unique and rare. Brand elements if are unique and somehow related to any experience of the customer, it leads the customer to remember the brand through those specific elements. So it is important for Promotion Planners to collaborate with brand managers and design campaign in such way that any person can remember it always.

  • Salman Asif

    Brand is a mental game where each element tells a story about the brand itself. Differentiation is an inevitable part of the brand management which can be done by positioning and integrated marketing communication and this differentiation starts from developing each brand element distinctively to avoid the ‘me too’ approach. Brand is not all about exchange, it is about how to create a thoughtful relation with the consumer!

  • Aroussa Manzoor

    yes i totally agree with the fact that brand name has a very positive impact on perception as well as recognition created by the brand . Brand with a colorful and attractive name force me to watch its ad and leaves an image in my mind .i usually remember the brand for long either i use it or not

  • Mubeen Ahmad

    Brand elements are implemented to help set apart one brand from its competitor. Regardless of what the product or service does, if there is not a strong marketing and branding foundation, the brand and everything that is associated with it can be in critical danger because brand elements help to build brand equity over time. The understanding and the meanings of these brand elements are critical to a brands overall success. It is difficult to pick one unique element that embodies all of what a company is trying to portray through its products and services and it is suggested that multiple brand elements be used to help support brand success and in addition, these elements should all be flexible and adaptable enough to stay relevant over time. This article definitively expanded my core understanding of brands and the elements mentioned in this article can help us create more effective ad campaigns.

  • ayesha mohsin

    Creative ideas for a particular brand makes it standout in the competitive environment.Differentiation in brand by following contentious innovative steps in the product development along with IMC makes it distinctive and leads to the success of the brand

  • Khizer Ahmed Syal

    I think what’s missing, is the emphasis on a “brand slogan” because it can again convey the whole existence of brand. For example, Nestle Milk Pack’s slogan is “Khaalis he sub kuch hai”; it conveys a lot about the offerings of the brand.

    Also, Another factor is the “application” of brand element or the brand name. For example, Gourmet (in my personal opinion) has made a disaster with its brand name by associating itself with the furniture industry. The word Gourmet has nothing to do with furniture and yet everything to do with the food industry (as the name suggests)

  • Aamir Raja

    Being different in the current world is very important for the brands, as seth godin stats in his famous book the “Purple cow” that in all the cows the one having the purple color will be among the top from the other cows. Good article and it really informs about the uniqueness of the brand.

  • Awais Farrukh

    *Being different helps to stand out in the crowd of highly competitive environment. In that concern differentiation with quality is really important for long term survival for any product or service. Brand elements certainly helps to differentiate the product and helps to create its own unique identity leading the product in the long term survival via creating its differentiated brand.

    “Differentiate or Die”

  • Osama Afzal

    There is no doubt that creating a unique brand and product differentiation is the key to success. As they say “if you do not differentiate, the best will leave, if you do the worst may leave”. A concise and crisp article on unique brand elements.

  • Ali Raza

    For long term survival, differentiation is highly required and brand name has a positive impact.

  • ahsan saleem

    Differentiation plays a vital role in giving a brand an unprecedented face. It helps grow the brands by giving an edge over other brands.

  • Jason

    Hola! I’ve been following your website for a while now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and
    give you a shout out from Porter Texas! Just wanted to
    say keep up the great work!

  • Muhammad Farhan

    Uniqueness is the core of a brand, if its not there, then it a regular product with less attraction for consumers. People relate brands with their likes, emotions and standards. Want to quote an example about the importance of packaging of a product, it was a pharmaceutical product, new batch was released from production but was not sold in the market as there was a printing mistake in the box that “it contains 10 tablets” which were actually “10 capsules”. So the customer stepped back considering it a substandard product.

  • Mohammad Ali

    Unfortunately, this concept is hardly implemented even by some top notch brands in Pakistan. They fail to differentiate themselves on the basis of these important elements which is the sole reason why a lot of them fail to standout. It is important to realize that before going a step further, companies need to work thoroughly on these elements which can make it a successful brand already.

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