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Time to exploit digital riches by letting go traditional views of marketing

Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

This is time to change, time to progress and time to exploit digital riches by letting go traditional views of marketing and adopt the new digital realities to benefit from this buzz technology. This is not only time to change, bring change and enjoy the change. The new marketing digital realities are fun, favour and financial forward. This is the magic of the moment and the future’s in the air.
But listening to the wind of change is not so promising in Pakistan. The local companies are not in the mood of listening or accepting the rationale that it is important to focus on how and why the traditional view of marketing has changed and to introduce the various ways of measuring performance in the market for their own profit.
An irony is that companies with the vast operational experiences in Pakistan markets have great difficulty accepting the encompassing role that marketing has on the other functional disciplines within their companies. Their reluctancy has exposed them as a gifted “Seths,” (proprietors) who have never been exposed to proper marketing and its components, they are there because it was “Allah’s will” and a gift of “Sethism” has been bestowed upon them. They have nothing to do with the world of marketing, nothing can excite them nor can they educate themselves about the “world of marketing.” To them “Buss, naam hee kaafi hai!”
In this new marketing world, the new normal is willing to spend for greater digital social coverage to gain more and more customers’ traffic. There is a fundamental disconnect between willingness versus spending to cover higher grounds during the ongoing instance digital era. It is a Herculean task for the marketing strategists to convenience “Seths” that their companies’ digital presence has potential to spectacularly increase their ROI.
Tacking new marketing digital realities is nowadays new imperative for every leader, manager of the field. It is worthwhile playing field, which is also transforming marketing landscape and not adjusting and exploiting the potential is not at all good strategy to compete in a crowded market.
This is important to understand that adopting and practising new digital realities is not about the current quick gain, but it is planning for the future. Companies must look up and must keep looking up, make future from the present strategy and make their past to make their future perfect.
Pakistan is now rapidly improving its digital image and this is the best time for local companies to synergise their potential for better uplift. The recent and ongoing proliferation of mobile devices with faster 4G connectivity and tariff cuts can be greater fuel for larger benefits as the use trend of social media is gearing up to the new levels.
Consumer behaviour and their purchasing decision have been transforming to new dimensions in the country. Consumers are now taking their purchasing decision after surfing on social media for the better reviews and judgments of connected consumers’ experiences. They are getting more conscious to choose brands and always on the look regarding consumer promotions. They keep themselves updated with the product, price, placement and promotions. They want that their purchase would be well researched, informed and exact. They are well alert to word of mouth and conscious admiration for “word of mouse,” too. Their acceptance and rejects are very blunt.
It’s time to realise that “the wind of change blows straight into the face of time” and acceptance and adaptation are the best bet for the companies and their “Seths”!


  • Usman butt

    With the availibility of high speed cellular data and smartphones. More pakistanis are connected to the internet at any given time than ever before (mostly loging facebook hours). But as education levels rise more people have started to look and poke around the plathora of information available with the click of the button. We, in part, have started to catch up to the west in that regard.
    This blog is a real eye opener businesses who still sell by the word of mouth or by generic advertisments. The new generation is all about “what the internet says”. If google can’t find you there is a good chance customers won’t either.

  • Faizan Mahmood

    the need of the hour for companies in Pakistan is to adopt these new marketing strategies as highlighted, companies need to know that marketing is an important factor for the company that can help them flourish and with the new technologies it is even easier for the marketers to market their product to a wide range of customers.

  • Awais Akbar Awan

    An important point to note down here is that its not only the evolution of digital media but consumer behaviors and expectations have also changed drastically. It is an “adapt or die” situation for marketers and for survival they have to align their business models according to this “Digital Darwinism”.

  • Umair Majid

    Exactly! i would like to endorse your views and opinions regarding the dearth importance of Brand Management through evolving and novel trends of marketing especially prevailing in local companies of Pakistan.Here, “Seth”just wittingly concentrate on sales like a tick in the box rather than realizing the significance of Brand Management and its ultimate impact on attracting and retaining the potential and veteran customers respectively as well as on ROI. Most of the Pakistani companies are suppliers of giant brands like Interloop is one the main suppliers of Nike but can’t market itself as a worthy brand like Nike just because of having selling approach instead of branding.
    So, this narrative of selling without marketing or brand management actually exists in the think tank of Pakistani “Seths” as they only believe in cost covering or making numbers in short-run rather than having a global brand in long-run.

  • Rehan Mir

    The problem lies when people in Pakistan has given recommendation to leave the orthodox ways of marketing and shift to digital marketing. Although their is no doubt that the digital marketing techniques are accurate and measurable, however one can not simply leave the old marketing techniques. We as a nation need to know how to strike balance in things before deciding what is good and what is bad for us.


    Indeed! Use of digital marketing is necessary to survive in today’s dynamic and competitive world however it depends on the nature of business because some businesses require traditional marketing techniques as well.

  • M. Usman Jamil

    customer is much more knowledgeable about the market now compared to past times and that is made possible only by marketeers. companies having online presence are preferred by customers like me who do some research about the product before buying it. more companies present online, more options and information customer gets before taking decision.

    companies operating only on word of mouth are either in maturity stage or decline stage because market is only growing for the businesses moving online, not just for sales but marketing. majority of sales nowadays are solely based on brand names created by marketing so it is more than important for companies to work hard on marketing and branding activities.

  • Khalil Dogar

    We have always heard of “out of sight, out of mind”, now is time to understand new marketing reality of “out of screen, out of mind”. Customer’s market sight is getting more dependent upon the modern technologies. Digital presence is vital to the very existence of the brands today. Not having strong digital footings can also mean not exiting at all. Times are coming when no matter what business you are in and irrespective of your business size, you are only as much visible to your customers as you are online. These future customers would know all they want to know about any company through the very mathematical and statistically precise world of digital marketing. This is the kind of world where customers connect, convert and comment. Where everlasting impressions are made, hard to erase and visible to all.

  • Raeesa

    It is high time that brands / companies start realizing this that with time, trends keep on changing – be it our marketing communication, demands, audience etc. If we take Molty Foams example here, their marketing communication for & of “nanhi pari” will not last long. There will come a time when the target audience would want to scoop for something that matches their evolving mindsets. The “nanhi pari” nowadays is a fearless independent working woman. Sooner the “seth” culture realizes about the evolution taking place around them and in the market, the easier it will be for them to tap the RIGHT audience with the RIGHT communication and make MORE notes out of it.

  • Haider ali khan

    yes i agree with all facts, we should follow the study of the consumers’ mind is to understand consumer behavior through their emotions because with a passage of time everything is going to be change regarding marketing techniques through different and latest E-business techniques so its right time for companies to change their attitude towards marketing.

  • Khurram Shahzad

    “The only thing that is constant is change.”
    This is a saying by Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, who said this roughly 2500 years ago. The most fascinating thing about this is the fact that it is most relevant for today’s age. In the fantasy world, he would have looked in his magical crystal ball and seen today’s age before saying out these words.
    A virtual world now exists in parallel to our world and the truth is that natives of this world are becoming stronger with every passing day. They have started conquering our world and its only a matter of time before they completely make us their slaves. This world is popularly known as the Internet.
    Digital marketing is on the rise and internet users are increasing rapidly. With the coming of online giants such as Ali Baba and Ali Express in Pakistan, people are becoming more and more aware of this modern phenomena. If traditional ‘seth’ approach to running organizations is not terminated, it will only destroy these ‘seth’ organizations. It is a matter of ‘survival of the fittest’.

  • Abdul Rafay

    The main problem with the traditional view is that it considers research a “project”. This means that it has clearly-defined beginning and end, specific objectives, and that it is someone’s responsibility to deliver final results on time.

  • Sohail Zafar

    Changing the prevailing mind-set is always a challenge; but efforts like yours are likely to contribute to this change that is inevitable. The question is not if this change would be faced by traditional businessmen, rather the question is how soon they would realize that very survival of their businesses/brands are at risk unless changes ushered-in by the digital marketing are whole
    heartedly embraced by them. Your warning is timely and your urgency is to the point.

    • Arshad

      Thank you very much Dr. Sohail, its an honour.

  • Zain-ul-Abideen

    Change is something what customer needs all the time and companies working on traditional marketing lines are facing issues of revenues. companies need to admit that producing some product is easy as it is not an art but marketing is an art which can boost their sale. until company who is manufacturing products is not marketing it through new channels that would personally hit its target market, they can not sell their product.

  • Qudsia Awais

    It is said “you cannot step into the same river twice”. This is further explained by the concept of change in which neither the river nor the person is the same the next time. Change is such. We live in a world which is constantly changing, the markets are expanding and change is taking place every other second.
    In such situations the companies need to think about their future rather than celebrating their current success and achievements. They should move forward with the technological advancements and should adopt them in their professional as well as their personal lives. Pakistan is providing them a platform and if companies take such initiatives they will be able to generate higher profits and gain market share in the company.

  • Zoya Farooq

    Long gone are the days when television commercials or billboards were the only source of advertising/marketing in Pakistan. The young generation or millennials who have been brought up in the digital era have now reached the age where they have to make important decisions regarding purchasing. They are much more informed than the previous generations, and have variety of products to choose from. They tend to rely on the information received from digital (especially social) media, and form their opinions based on it. Therefore, any brand that wishes to sustain its image in today’s world must have an impactful digital media presence which can attract young users. Otherwise, they will gradually lose their position and other brands which today’s customers can feel more connected to will eventually take their place.

  • Wajeeh Ul Hassan

    This so called unacceptability towards technology adaptation in marketing is specific either to the “Seths” who are old and have already spent their lives in their business or to the Seths whose children are also lenient towards the same culture. But now this trend is expected to see a change as most Seths send their children to good business schools and institutions for education before they become the part of their family business. This new generation has yet to fight the ancient mindset within their companies to understand the future of business. Though it is at not enough but their is a flicker of hope now. There is a long way to go!! Fingers crossed!

  • Ushna Sabir

    As a matter of fact, companies do need to digitally market their product or service as most of the educated consumers in Pakistan are using online media for knowing about products and services emerging in the market. Hence, for the business survival, digital marketing will be an important niche to pursue. It will be irrespective of the nature of business because everything that is advertised in the social and digital media will sell and that is the main target of every company. Hence, all, small or large, businesses require to get rid of traditional and old methods and adopt latest methods of marketing.

  • Razin Ahmed

    Well, I cant agree more to the “Sethism” discussed here, The only grave reason I believe preventing the growth of Pakistani industry is this seth culture, that is still in the practices of the past that are alien, unknown and out-dated to the modern world and modern business techniques.

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