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Arshad Awan is a brand strategist and marketing expert with more than 26 years of local and international experience. He works as a brand strategist, marketing consultant and trainer for local and international corporations operating in several regions and countries. As head of the Brand Ideas Arshad Awan has been developing brands, corporates and facilitating high-level consulting-style executive workshops for many years.

Arshad Awan has worked and successfully executed branding and marketing projects for Warid, Shell, McDonald’s, AIG Insurance, P&G, OXFAM, eBay, English Biscuits, Artistic Milliners, Haier, Ciba Geigi, Akzo Nobel, PIA, Sony, Inter-Continental Hotels, Roche, SKY Television, Thai Airways, Tune Hotels, Air-Asia, Novis, Novo Nordisk, Schlumberger, Puma, Ericsson and many more.

He has served in the top advertising and marketing communication companies like Bates Worldwide, Interbrand, JWT, Ogilvy, McCann and Fitch International.

Arshad Awan is an author of the famous book ‘Branding Matters!’ and regular contributor and blogger to the popular branding/marketing periodicals of the world. Arshad Awan is a visiting faculty to the top business schools of the country, where he is teaching subjects related to branding and marketing.


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Branding Matters!

The very fine art of branding with the human spirit.

“Branding Matters!”is the total outcome of the intense discussion with my professional colleagues in the industry and academia. Their thoughts and professional experiences are the main pretexts of this book.

“Branding Matters!” is to clarify the real concept of the most dominant and persistent brand building, which is to build a brand from the heart. How to make brands appropriate and justifiable? How to make their fundamentals solid by building with the flair of the human spirit. This my effort to educate companies in my country that their biggest possessions are their brands and brands need thorough grooming, not just by advertising.

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