Brand Ideas

Published: November 1, 2019

Oxfam: Developed a new visual identity system

With the increasing shift in the emphasis of their work from emergency field relief towards advocacy, Oxfam was in need of a new positioning and a unified visual identity for the 11 worldwide organizations that together constitute Oxfam International.

Working with Oxfam staff and volunteers from around the world as a team member distilled Oxfam’s brand essence to, “enabling people to create a future that no longer needs Oxfam.”

Together we also developed a new visual identity system. The symbol is based on the “o” and “x” in Oxfam, communicating the non-governmental organisation’s humanitarian and partnership values.

The power of the new identity lies in its simplicity—it looks as visually distinctive on a sign outside one of the many Oxfam shops as it does on World Bank literature or daubed onto the side of a mud hut.

The results speak for themselves.

Published: November 1, 2019