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  • Advertising Complexities of Marketing Companies



    Marketing Companies in Pakistan is sure to familiar to art of advertising, but understanding science of the field is somewhat not very clear to them. Most of them are sure of advertising as the only tool to build their brand, but not aware of the fact that advertising is one portion in marketing, not the complete marketing.

    Advertising is true to be the most visible tool of marketing and on the contrary the greater cost in the marketing process. Advertising is just one more thing on the marketing plate, it is not the whole plate!

    What might present challenges to some companies is to understand the ideas surrounding advertising process involved: set advertising objectives, establish a budget, choose the advertising message and creative strategy, decide on the media, and evaluate the effects?

    To a large extend companies advertising complexities is the direct results of advertising agencies lack of scientific approach to support and facilitate companies’ most valuable assets, their brands.

    It is a widely believed concept that advertising is a magical tonic to build great brands is somewhat is fading fast as modern art of branding is making companies to realize that brands cannot be built by totally relying on advertising.

    The connection between the brand and advertising is no more just a creative message to inform, to pursue and to entertain. Advertising complement brands and showoff for brands. Completely relying on advertising to build brand is not strategically-fit stir. Nowadays brands are more than promotion. Catchy creative messages through ATL and BTL activities to a mass audience is not utterly effective in isolation in today’s brand building, but they can be more advantageous if utilise with new and practised brand building paradigms.

    What lack in Pakistani advertising agencies are talent, technology and tolerance. No fitting talent is charmed, no understanding of agency related methodically technology like creative tools, ideas tools or brand tools and lastly no tolerance to acceptance.

    As I have mentioned in my book, Branding Matters! 2016, Chapter 5, – Brand Building before Advertising – “Today, brand building is not only about advertising and selling to beat the competition, but brand building strategy necessitates a necessary knowledge of the internal culture of the companies, financial systems, business operations, Human Resources policies and Consumer Relationship Management, which the ablest advertising agency cannot even capable of dealing such requirements. Above all, the most resourceful advertising agency in the modern scenario often even has difficulty or is ignorant to comprehend how their clients make money.”

    In my country the greater source of companies’’ inspiration that advertising build brand comes from their observation when they see big brands, spending money on their integration marketing communications (IMC). They are not aware of the fact or have experience that advertisers can maintain the brand through their professional art, but cannot build a brand on it exclusively.